GDPR Compliance Consulting

The European Union's General Data Protection Requirement, also known as GDPR, can be tricky to navigate for businesses. It takes an expert in GDPR policy implementation to make recommendations tailored to your business. Failure to comply with GDPR regulations can result in steep penalties — either over $20 million or four percent of a company's revenue — whichever is higher. That could shake a small to midsize business to its core! For these reasons, it's important to enlist the help of an experienced GDPR compliance consulting service, like Vector Choice. Learn more about GDPR compliance, why it's important, and our stepped approach for GDPR compliance consulting services.

What Does it Mean to be GDPR Compliant?

Almost every aspect of our lives revolve around data. From social media companies to retailers, governments, and banks — almost every service we use involves the collection and analysis of personal data. If your business uses and stores data, you'll want to be aware of GDPR compliance.

The European Union GDPR regulation forces businesses to protect their customer data you store or communicate. This regulation is a new set of rules designed to give EU citizens more control over their personal data. Organizations must prove and ensure that the data they collect is gathered legally nad under strict conditions.

Who Does GDPR Apply To?

GDPR applies to any organization operating within the European Union, as well as any organization outside of the European Union which offer goods or services to customers or businesses in the European Union.

Importance of Being GDPR Compliant

Aside from avoiding hefty fines from the European Union, there are many benefits to being GDPR compliant. With our GDPR compliance consulting services, you will increase customer trust and organizational reputation, develop an effective incident response plan, mitigate data breaches, and increase the protection of your customer's data.


Vector Choice for GDPR Compliance Consulting

Vector Choice is a full service GDPR compliance consulting company that can help your company meet the GDPR requirements and protect personal data.

We begin by evaluating your organization's policies, procedures and security controls to regulate the processing of personal data and prevent dangerous data breaches. Our professionals will identify any potential gaps between the practices and GDPR requirements and advise corrective actions to be taken.

Steps to Achieving GDPR Compliance


We will develop a deep understanding of your organization that includes your organization's business model, IT components, existing network, and locations. This step is key to developing a customized GDPR compliant plan.

Data Discovery

We'll identify key areas of your data which need to be GDPR compliant. We'll take a close look at discovering the data within your system, charting your data's lifecycle, and mapping your cross-departmental data flow.

Create a Customized Plan

Once our GDPR compliance consulting team has a deep understanding of how your business and data works together, we will create a framework that ensures you are completely GDPR compliant. This will include line items such as training your staff, implementing a GDPR privacy policy, and assigning new data protection roles.


If you are comfortable with our plan, our team will work to implement the GDPR compliance plan.

Update Policies and Procedures

We will create or update your existing HIPAA policies and procedures.

Internal Audit

Finally, we will perform and internal audit of your organization to ensure it is fully GDPR compliant. Throughout the process, you'll stay closely aligned with our team and we will present our findings to your management team. We will keep you up to date with the latest GDPR regulations moving forward.

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Why Choose Vector Choice?

When it comes to being GDPR compliant, one plan does not fit all. At Vector Choice, we tailor the right GDPR implementation plan for your organization. We take into account your company's unique needs, business model, and geographical spread to develop a customized GDPR compliance implementation plan. This also ensures your plan is cost effective for your needs and you don't pay for anything extra you may not need.

As a forward-thinking organization, Vector Choice is not only experienced with GDPR compliance consulting for small, midsize, and large businesses, but we are always thinking ahead towards new regulations. It's likely that these new regulations will require even stricter security. As your partner, we will keep you ahead of the curve with internal audits, advanced risk assessments, and quarterly health check-ups to ensure you are GDPR compliant- and beyond.

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