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These systems are the lifeline of your business...
When they don't work, business grinds to a halt.





Downtime and compromised security lead to a loss of revenue, unhappy customers, and frustrated employees. No business leader should have to deal with IT problems.

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Machines Protected

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Our Plan

Getting your IT right is complex, 
But our plan is simple.


We will create a comprehensive IT plan for your company. With clear communication, we'll gather all necessary information, identify bugs and issues, and give your business a vision for IT that just works.

Go live with 
Your new IT.


We go live with your new IT. We understand that people have to adjust to changes when you move forward with new technology. Our goal is that this launch is as smooth and simple as possible for your team.

Regularly review how 
Your current IT is working.

Strategic Business Review

Regularly review how your current IT is working. We'll assess if there are any new needs or technology that will benefit your company and keep you moving forward.

Speak to live tech experts to
Help make your IT experience painless

Ongoing Support

We know you don't want to spend your time on the phone getting tech support. We aim to make it as painless as possible. Experience the benefit of speaking to live tech experts who understand your situation and are committed to helping you resolve issues quickly.

Gain the freedom to focus on your business 
with secure and compliant IT solutions that work.

The Company We Keep...

Personal Touch Our Business Needed

"Vector Choice has exceeded my expectations over the last year. The Project Manager provides us detailed project plans along with weekly updates to keep me informed of our IT efforts. The IT firms I've worked with in the past are usually not heard from unless there is an issue, but and our Client Relationship Manager and Project Manager make sure to reach out regularly for updates and to make sure we aren't needing anything new. This personal touch that Vector Choice provides is something I've found lacking with other providers and has been extremely pivotal to our success as a business and in our partnership.

Additionally, the support team are equally responsive and attentive to detail. Most issues are resolved on the first attempt and the team never lets down until we are 100% satisfied."

Brian Benavides
Dynamic Marketing Systems

You Are Not a Number with Vector Choice

"They have become a valued partner in enhancing our ability to deploy the latest technology to insure our marketplace competitiveness."

Mike Given
ITR Parking  

Vector Choice Made Me Look Like A Hero

"I was tasked to find and hire an IT company fast and oversee the implementation of new servers and oversee the entire project. I knew very little about this process much less what to look for in an IT company. But instead of panicking, I began to talk to a few people I know and do some research. As I made my inquiries, all roads kept leading to Vector Choice.

I knew once I met with Will that this was the right decision. No high pressure, no techy talk, he offered easy-to-understand solutions that made it easy for me to say "When can we get started?" I have to say he made me look like a hero and like I knew what I was doing! Thanks, Will! I am so glad I made that call, as we are going to be a long-time customer of Vector Choice. If you are looking for that Special Company, Vector Choice is it! I assure you!"

Blonnie Cox
Blinds By Noon

Vector Choice Gave Us Peace of Mind

"We really care about the security of our customer's private information. Many of our customers are also our friends so employing a good security network goes way past compliance. We did it because it was the right thing to do. Vector Choice is proving they do more than just sell the product."

Marche George

We Can Support Our Community Better with Vector Choice

"The vital function of our Department within our community demands a reliable support and infrastructure. The readily available and knowledgeable support from Vector Choice has enabled our Fire Department to support the community's needs better and faster than ever before."

David Sawyer
West New Bern Fire Department

Sometimes you're aware of IT issues.
Other times you're not, until it's too late.

We'll find it all, fix it all, and make sure business stays humming along.

There is nothing worse than stressing over systems going down, cyberattacks and struggling to keep up with technology. When you invest in IT, it should never fall short.

At Vector Choice, we believe you should never lose a night of sleep worrying about your IT. That's why we work around the clock to keep your IT running smoothly and quickly resolve issues that arise.

The magic of Vector Choice is that we work constantly to resolve your IT issues - including the ones you don't even know you are experiencing. While you're focusing on your business, we are protecting you and keeping you on the cutting edge of technology.

Allow Vector Choice to take IT stress off your plate with secure and complaint IT solutions that work.

Never lose another night of sleep over IT issues. Gain the freedom to focus on your business with secure and compliant IT solutions that work.

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We are 100% committed to making sure business owners have the most reliable and professional IT service. Some people have noticed, and we wanted to say thanks.