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Required Compliance and Security Solutions with Managed IT Services from Vector Choice

Welcome to Vector Choice Technologies, where we're revolutionizing the IT industry with our cutting-edge approach to servicing CPA and Accounting firms. We pride ourselves on being the leading provider of top-tier IT solutions, designed exclusively for medium to large, multi-location firms across twenty-three states, from the East Coast to the West Coast. Vector Choice is an award-winning Managed Service Provider and consecutively ranks at the top among our peers and as one of the best IT companies in the USA.

Our unique approach to fully managed IT services eliminates downtime entirely, allowing your firm to work uninterrupted, increase your overall profit, decrease and eliminate cybersecurity threats, all while maintaining compliance.

Interested in Managed IT Services for CPA's & Accountants? 

What We Do

We offer a wide range of managed IT services and solutions for finance businesses, including:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Business Intelligence
  • Cloud computing
  • Compliance Consulting

With Vector Choice Technology Solutions at your side, employee productivity is maximized, and you'll see an average increase of 10% in your overall profits within your first year of service. Best of all you and your employees will have access to our industry best training, as well as managed IT and tech support and managed IT services.

Let us take care of your business's IT issues so you can focus on what you do best - Growing and Operating your CPA and Accounting Firms.

Unified Protection 

Introducing a New Era in Cybersecurity

Vector Choice's Cybersecurity and IT Managed Services are two of our award-winning services we offer. By investing in training and certifications for our employees and providing industry-leading support and IT service management, we've quickly become one of the nation's top cybersecurity companies. We are aligning our services to offer a unified security platform that provides complete protection for your entire organization.

  • Gain real-time visibility into your security posture.
  • Respond to threats quickly and effectively.
  • Reduce your risk of a data breach.

We are excited about our new expansion including IT services for CPA and accounting firms. Additionally, we are officially in 23 states all over the US. We are confident that our new locations will allow us to better serve our clients and provide them with the managed IT solutions and services they need to succeed.

Managed User Services

  • In & Outbound Email Spam Filtering
  • White and Blacklist in Spam Filter
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Security Operations Team
  • No Voicemail Guarantee on Support Line
  • Industry Leading IT Support for CPA & Accounting Firms

Managed Site Services

  • Firewall with IDS/IPS
  • Site to Site VPN
  • Web Gateway Security
  • Cover Termination Fees with Current Provider
  • First 6 months are on a month-to-month basis for 3 year contract
  • 3rd Party Chief Information Security Officer and a Chief Information Security Officer on Staff at Vector Choice for cybersecurity and compliance consulting.

Endpoint Security

  • Endpoint Protection
  • All The Time VPN for Computers
  • Anti-Ransomware
  • Multi-Engine Proxy Scanning
  • Real-Time Visibility
  • Single Source Solutions

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What You Should Expect To Pay For IT Support For Your Business

And How To Get Exactly What You Need Without Unnecessary Extras, Hidden Fees And Bloated Contracts

Read This Guide And You'll Discover:

  • The 3 most common ways IT services companies charge for their services, and the pros and cons of each approach.
  • A common billing model that puts ALL THE RISK on you, the customer, when buying IT services; you'll learn what it is and why you need to avoid agreeing to it.
  • Exclusions, hidden fees and other "gotcha" clauses IT companies put in their contracts that you DON'T want to agree to.
  • How to make sure you know exactly what you're getting to avoid disappointment, frustration and added costs later on that you didn't anticipate.
  • 21 revealing questions to ask your IT support firm BEFORE giving them access to your computer network, e-mail and data.


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The new FTC regulations require businesses that work in finance, especially businesses dealing with taxes, to hire a qualified individual to create a written information security plan and enforce it. Vector Choice can help you comply with these regulations by providing managed IT services that include a Chief Security Officer (CSO).

Vector Choice's CCO is an industry leader and subject matter expert on Compliance. Security and compliance should enable business operations by allowing senior leaders to make informed risk decisions while protecting critical business functions. Vector Choice will assess your current environment against what is now required by the FTC regulations. We will work with you to develop a business strategy, budget, and timeline to fill any gaps in your compliance.

By hiring Vector Choice as your managed IT services provider, you can be confident that your cybersecurity is meeting the compliance requirements. Our fully managed IT security services are cost-effective and only billable in 1 hour a month. This means that you can have the peace of mind of knowing that you are compliant without having to hire a full-time CSO and working with one of the top Information Technology consulting firms and MSP'S in the nation.

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What You Should Know About The FTC Safeguards

The FTC Safeguards Rule is an important set of regulations that help to protect customer information. Financial institutions that are subject to the rule should take steps to comply with it in order to protect their customers' data and avoid financial penalties.

Read This Easy Guide To Learn Requirements, like:

  • Designating a qualified individual to oversee your information security program

  • Implementing appropriate access controls to customer information

  • Encrypting customer information in transit and storage

  • Regularly testing and evaluating the effectiveness of the information security program

  • Designating a qualified individual to oversee the information security program

  • Developing and implementing written policies and procedures for information security

Our Clients Trust Us

Our clients are our first priority and the driving force behind the future of our business. We are grateful for their praise and strive to provide continued excellence to maintain their trust year after year.

We serve thousands, from small towns to major cities, in 23 states across the nation. They include national corporations, private companies, local government agencies, CPA and accounting firms, healthcare providers, law firms, manufacturing companies, and financial institutions.

Here is what some of them had to say.

Amazing Response Time

Everything fell Into place working with Vector Choice. Our phones have never been easier to use! We are in total control of our system, and given our flexible schedule, love the ability to change settings without a technician. Vector Choice's response time is amazing, even when our issues are not urgent. They have been wonderful partners during our upgrade, and I couldn't ask for a better group of people to work with.

Kelley, Austin Veterinary Animal Hospital

5-Star Company You Can Trust

Vector Choice has been a godsend. They quickly helped rebuild my system and installed security solutions. They established a VPN to safeguard my data, and remote access that has been rock solid from day one. When we have an IT problem their response time has been immediate. This enables me to focus on my patients, not my network. In my experience Vector Choice is a 5-star company you can trust. I could not recommend them more. If you're shopping for an IT support solution you can stop right now.

Dr. Eric, Horizon Chiropractic and Wellness Solutions

Real People Responding To Real Issues

Without a doubt the single biggest benefit to Fastax since moving to Vector's managed services is peace of mind. We really care about the security of our customer's private information. Many of our customers are also our friends so employing a good security network goes way past compliance. We did it because it was the right thing to do. Vector Choice is proving they do more than just sell the product. They have proven that they are a very responsive organization with real people responding to real issues.

Marche, Fastax

Superbly Trained & Extremely Helpful

One of the biggest benefits of having Vector Choice as our IT team is the accessibility of their Support Team at the help desk. There are multiple ways to reach them, with a tech always answering the phone. The skill level and abilities of the Support Team is unlike any other IT firm we worked with previously. They are superbly trained and extremely helpful with all our requests.

Michael, Shafritz & Dean

Recommend Their Expertise With Confidence

I have been fortunate to have worked with this team and have experienced helpful and knowledgeable team members. Their honesty and integrity is impeccable. I recommend their expertise with confidence to anyone who has asked.

Paula, Yellow House Dental & Implant

Readily Available & Knowledeable

The vital function of our department within our community demands a reliable support and infrastructure. The readily available and knowledgeable support from Vector Choice has enabled our Fire Department to support the community's needs better and faster than ever before. Any company that requires consistent and dependable support would be crazy not to give Vector Choice a try!

David, West New Bern Fire Department

The Best MSP

Hands down the best MSP. You guys go above and beyond and stay until the job is done and done right. The experience they have with setting up a secure and reliable infrastructure is second to none. I'm very pleased and look forward to many more years of working together. Thank you!

Ace, Lynn County Hospital District

A Company I Want To Do Business With

Vector Choice is the type of company I want to do business with. They bring a lot to the table. Other companies can be limited in the services they offer along with a slow response time to service requests, which was one of my main concerns in the beginning. As I made my inquiries, all roads kept leading to Vector Choice. I knew once I met with Will that this was the right decision.

Blonnie, Blinds By Noon and Shutters Real Soon

Can't Thank Them Enough

Their techs are the BEST!! They worked with me almost around the clock to get a domain registrar transfer completed. They were efficient, willing to problem solve and do whatever it took to get the domain back. I can't thank them enough!

Courtney, Jerry Pair

Exceeded My Expectations

Vector Choice has exceeded my expectations over the last year. IT firms I've worked with in the past are usually not heard from unless there is an issue, but our client relationship manager and project manager reach out regularly to make sure we aren't needing anything new. Additionally, the support team are responsive and attentive to detail. The team never lets down until we are 100% satisfied.

Brian, Truelio

Went Above & Beyond

I love Vector Choice because they are very knowledgeable, very good at what they do....and very courteous as well! The problem got solved in less than 5 minutes! The technician even went above and beyond and help with 2 other questions I had.

Helena, McCabe World of Travel

Deploys The Right Person For The Task

I appreciate the team-aspect of our relationship. Having a deep bench allows you guys to deploy the right person for the task, whether simple or complex. It is just more efficient.

Mont, McDougal Companies

Provide Excellent IT Support & Services

They provide excellent IT support and services. They are very professional, reliable and detailed in their work. I've worked with many IT companies and they've been the best I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I give the entire team five stars!

Carl, Richard Milburn Academy

Very Supportive

The Vector Choice Team was very supportive in working with my web company to resolve some technical issues we were experiencing with getting our website fully functional again. The team worked very well and was able to help get the problem resolved. Thanks for the support!

Allen, MTS Group, Inc.

Care About What They Do

Vector Choice is the best. I have full confidence that they will swiftly resolve any problem without a doubt. They are also very nice and seem to care very much about what they do.

Shelley, Velocity Vehicle Group