Managed IT Services

Gain the freedom to focus on your business with secure and compliant IT solutions

Ensure Compliance | Increase Productivity | Reduce Downtime

Never lose another night of sleep worrying about IT


Your business is more reliant than ever on IT.

If your software fails, systems go down, or communication falls short, business suffers and so do you.
But it doesn't have to be that way.
With Vector Choice's suite of services, your IT worries can go the way of dial-up.


Choose a ready-made plan or let us build you a custom solution.


Get your security basics in order with Vector Choice's SafeStart Plan. Remote support, daily backups, dark web monitoring, anti-virus/malware protection, endpoint protection, and firewalls keep your data safe while dark web scans alert you of any potential security threats. Our updates will guard you from basic threats so you can focus on what matters most.


With all the security benefits of the SafeStart Plan included, Vector Choice's ProactiveGuard Plan keeps you safe and aware of what's happening with your security. A real-time monitoring portal and weekly/monthly reports will keep you in the know while Anti-ransomware, Phishing Simulations, Web Gateway Security and Application Control Software keep your network, browsing experience and machines protected. Our User Trainings will keep your entire team current and educated on all things web protection, and our unlimited remote and onsite support will give you peace of mind knowing that Vector Choice is there for you.


When you want the best in online security and support, Vector Choice's VigilancePro Plan is the only option. With all the protection of our SafeStart and ProactiveGuard plans, VigilancePro takes it over the top by providing you with tech solutions tailored to your company's needs. We offer full setup, migration, and management of Microsoft 0365 and provide comprehensive cybersecurity measures to keep your data safe, even when working from home or using public WIFI. With all these solutions, real-time dashboard, and our unlimited remote and onsite support, you will have peace of mind that your company can work safely and remotely while staying ahead of the technology curve.

Gain the freedom to focus on your business 
with secure and compliant IT solutions that work.

Benefits to Your Business

Responsive and reliable IT solutions can also take your business to the next level. Make a direct impact on your...

Bottom Line

  • Reduced downtime
  • Increased productivity
  • IT that scales
  • Happy customers

Peace of Mind

  • Backed up data
  • Prevention over cure
  • Enhanced security & reliability
  • Up-to-date compliance


  • Effective remote work
  • Focused on business, not IT
  • Streamlined onboarding