Serving Legal Industries

At Vector Choice Technology Solutions, we are the only IT service provider in the Southeast who understand and adapt to the specialized needs of law firms. We support and service medium to large, multi-location firms. Operating in seven states from Pennsylvania to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we have over a decade of experience servicing our legal partners. We specialize in providing high security, high availability IT systems and guarantee access on any device, anywhere, anytime, in a simple, fast, and efficient manner. By eliminating downtime completely, we keep your firm working to bill maximum hours and increase profit per partner while maintaining compliance. Employee productivity is maximized when Vector Choice deals with your IT issues for you. On average, our clients increase their billable hours by 10% within their first year of service.

We guarantee that we will provide you one hand to shake and:

  • Our goal is to resolve your support issue while you are on the phone with us.

  • You will never have to leave a voicemail.

  • We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 30-Day Money back guarantee and you can cancel anytime.

  • When you sign a 3-year contract, the first 6 months are on a month-to-month basis.

  • If you are unhappy with a service, you may cancel when given a 60-day notice.

  • We provide Single Source Solutions for your business IT needs that keep you from having to maintain multiple vendor relationships to meet all your hardware and software demands.

  • We will pay your early termination fees with your current provider.

  • Real-time visibility, proven by transparent reporting of current environment & services.

  • We have a 3rd party CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) review us to make sure we are being secure for our clients.

Superbly Trained Support Team

One of the biggest benefits of having Vector Choice as our IT team is the accessibility of their Support Team at the help desk. There are multiple ways to reach them, with a tech always answering the phone. The skill level and abilities of the Support Team is unlike any other IT firm we worked with previously. They are superbly trained and extremely helpful with all our requests.

Ask yourself these two questions: Are you and your staff impressed by the level of service and knowledge of your current IT Support Team? Do you have the confidence that they are truly contributing to your efforts to be successful? If you cannot answer yes, then you need to call Vector Choice!

Michael Payton 
Chief Operating Officer/Director of Operations 
Shafritz & Dean