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It's Time To Wake Up To The Reality Of Cybersecurity in 2022

All across the world, hackers are targeting and exploiting security weaknesses and holding data hostage. In May, the Colonial Pipeline was hit by a cyber-attack that disrupted fuel supplies along the East Coast for several days. The company - and the FBI - paid hackers $4.4 million in Bitcoin to regain control of the system. Colonial Pipeline was not the only corporation that paid hackers an exuberant amount of money. The NBA, Kia Motors, and JBS Foods have also been victimized by cyber-attacks where hackers demanded millions of dollars. CD Projekt, a Polish video game developer was also a victim of a cyber-attack, but since they had backups in place, they never had to pay the demanded ransom. While these are all big organizations, that does not mean that small businesses are safe. These stories made the news because companies paid millions of dollars to regain control of their data. When a small or mid-size business gets attacked, they can't pay millions of dollars to recover stolen information. Instead, these hackers will usually go after customer and employee information as well as financial records and statements. When a hacker attacks a small or mid-size business, it often ends in them closing their doors for good. 2021 was a record year for cyber-attacks, and 2022 is shaping out to be no different. If you're a business owner, you need to wake up to the reality of cyberthreats and cyber security before it's too late. Here are a couple of the best cyber security practices you should put into place immediately.

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