10-Minute Discovery Call

Tell Me More About The 10-Minute Discovery Call

On this call we can discuss your unique situation, any concerns you have, and of course, answer any questions you have about us. If you feel comfortable moving ahead, we'll schedule a convenient time to conduct our free PEN Test and Vulnerability Assessment.

This PEN Test and Vulnerability Assessment will be conducted 100% remote with or without your current IT company or IT department's assistance (we can give you the full details on our initial consultation call). Just fill out the form below to schedule your 10-minute Discovery Call.

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At The End Of The Assessment, You’ll Know:

  1. Whether or not your current business goals align with your business's IT needs.
  2. Where you are overpaying (or getting underserved) for the services and support you are currently getting from your current IT company or team.
  3. Whether or not your systems and data are truly secured from hackers and ransomware, and where you are partially or totally exposed.
  4. If your data is actually being backed up in a manner that would allow you to recover it quickly in the event of an emergency or ransomware attack.
  5. Where you are unknowingly violating specific cyber security or compliance regulations.
  6. How you could improve communication, security and performance, as well as the productivity of your employees through common sense solutions.

Fresh eyes see things that others cannot - so at a minimum, our free PEN Test and Vulnerability Assessment is a completely cost and risk-free way to get a credible third-party validation of the security, stability and efficiency of your IT systems.

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