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HIPAA Compliance Consulting

As new regulations and legislations continue to transform the US healthcare system, working with a HIPAA compliance consulting group is essential. A knowledgeable HIPAA compliance consultant will ensure your organization is compliant with current and future HIPAA requirements.

For organizations seeking a highly qualified HIPAA compliance consulting company, Vector Choice has years of extensive experience managing governance risk management and compliance in the healthcare industry. As an IT cybersecurity consulting agency, we take a security-first approach to guide our clients in all of our regulatory compliance audits. Take a look at why it’s important for organizations to be HIPAA compliant and how Vector Choice can help.

HIPAA Privacy Rule: What Is It?

Unfortunately, attacks against healthcare are skyrocketing. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule is designed to protect individually identifiable health information that may be accessed, used, or shared by healthcare organizations and their business associates. As required by Congress in HIPAA, the Privacy Rule covers health plans, health care clearinghouses, and health care providers who conduct financial and administrative transactions electronically. In order to be HIPAA compliant, there are a variety of administrative, physical, and technical safeguards that organizations must comply with. It’s important for organizations within the healthcare industry to ensure the confidentiality of protected health information.

For IT teams with limited resources, it can be overwhelming to stay on top of HIPAA regulations. Especially with the ever-changing industry landscape. A HIPAA compliance consultant, like Vector Choice, can help by bringing cost-effective expertise to compliance efforts to your organization.

The Importance of Protecting Patient Privacy

Failure to adequately protect personal health information could lead to severe consequences for organizations within the healthcare industry. Healthcare organizations could get hit with significant fines as well as civil monetary penalties. The financial consequences can total hundreds of thousands — even millions — of dollars. Not only can failure to comply results in financial losses, it can hurt the organization’s reputation within the community. For these reasons, it’s incredibly important to enlist the support of a reputable HIPAA compliance consulting group.

Vector Choice: Your HIPAA Compliance Consulting Group

Vector Choice understands the unique regulatory challenges organizations face when it comes to being HIPAA compliant. We can ensure your organization is compliant with existing guidelines and identify any security gaps that may exist. Our staff is comprised of security and privacy consultants with extensive experience in evaluating organizational processes to ensure they are compliant with HIPAA. Some of our HIPAA compliance-related services include:

  • Risk Categorization: We help organizations categorize their information and information systems in order of risk to ensure that sensitive information and the systems that use it are given the highest level of security.
  • Comprehensive System Security Plan: HIPAA requires organizations to create a comprehensive security plan and keep it up to date. This may include security policies and a timetable for the introduction of future controls.
  • Implement the Right Security Controls: HIPAA outlines an extensive list of suggested security controls for HIPAA compliance. Organizations are not required to implement every control. Instead, you are only required to implement the controls relevant to your organization and system. We can help identify these areas.
  • Conduct Risk Assessments:According to HIPAA guidelines, risk assessments should be three-tiered to identify security risks at the organizational level, the business process level, and the information system level. Our HIPAA compliance consulting team will perform thorough risk assessments in compliance with HIPAA, documenting potential gaps to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of protected health information.
  • Update Policies and Procedures: We will create or update your existing HIPAA policies and procedures.
  • Self-Assessment Training: We utilize industry best practices to train your personnel on how to conduct a HIPAA compliance self-assessment.

The Vector Choice Advantage

At Vector Choice, we go above and beyond to ensure your organization is fully compliant with HIPAA regulations. Our HIPAA compliance consulting team works with you to understand your overall organization and identify any vulnerabilities that may arise. We implement a multilayer security plan, significantly reducing the risks of cyber attacks to protect patient information. With our HIPAA experts and knowledgeable team, you can feel totally assured that your IT environment is efficient, protected, and well-managed. It’s our guarantee to you!

What sets us apart from other HIPAA compliance consulting groups is our customized approach. We believe that any assessment meant to satisfy HIPAA cannot simply be a “checkbox” audit. Instead, we customize our deliverables to your organization. Our network security consultants offer a unique blend of compliance, security, and workflow expertise. We work with you, as a team, to create the most efficient plan to achieve HIPAA compliance.

Contact Vector Choice — Your Trust HIPAA Compliance Consulting Group

HIPAA compliance is challenging for most organizations. Whether you’re short on staff or simply don’t have the resources with the appropriate HIPAA knowledge and expertise, Vector Choice can help. We offer deep expertise and knowledge around HIPAA so you can safeguard your organization against data breaches, compliance failures, and hefty fines. Get in touch with our specialists at Vector Choice to ensure your company is compliant now and in the future.