Has a Judge Ever Asked You for a Document You Didn’t Have with You?

What about needing to access a file or make changes to a case document when you're away from the office or your computer?

You'd have to jump through a million hoops to get files emailed to you, or admin personnel to access and print the documents, then waste working hours to bring the documents to the courthouse. Unnecessary time is spent using unreliable resources, but there is a simple, cost-effective answer to all your problems.

The answer is Microsoft 365, and Vector Choice can help migrate you to the most unified system the business world has seen.

What is Microsoft 365
M365 is an integrated bundle of the latest Windows operating systems, Office 365, Enterprise Mobility and Security, Intune device management, analytics, and Azure Active Directory. It is sold on a subscription basis and is a one-stop-shop for all your business needs. The M365 license for business includes everything from desktop versions of Office apps, the ability to store and share files via the OneDrive cloud, and host email via Outlook, a secure email host.

What people don't know about Microsoft 365
To implement security and policies you have to purchase additional licenses. By default, Microsoft 365 doesn't have enabled policies such as:

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Conditional Access (protects assets and content by requiring certain criteria be met before granting access to the content.)
  • Group creation for File Access segregation
  • Device Enrollment for encrypting data on local machines
  • Assistance for creating or migrating in to M365 from an existing email provider
  • Support takes hours or days and can even cost you more money to get help

Save time and money with Vector Choice migrating and managing all your Microsoft systems.

Hey There,

I'm Will Nobles, Founder and CEO of Vector Choice Technology Solutions. Here at Vector Choice, we have over 25 years of managed IT experience, and over six years of experience with migrating companies over to M365. Security is our top priority, so we have developed standardized practices to limit our clients' risk and exposure with improved securities measures. This prevents less downtime while also having easy access to all your data from M365. Our proven method of migration and security creates a user-friendly environment that will save your company time and money and allow you to rest easy knowing that your data is secured, managed, and backed-up with Vector Choice.

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Here are 5 reasons to consider making the switch to Microsoft 365:

Company infrastructure overhead is reduced with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 eliminates the need for individual software licenses with just one monthly license fee. Hosting your own storage or financing proper server infrastructure is not needed, nor will you incur unexpected costs due to hard drives dying, backup arrays failing, or servers crashing. Microsoft 365 takes care of it all making working from home, or anywhere, easy. Additionally, maintenance of these systems is provided by Microsoft, meaning one less problem for you to handle.

Gain offline access with Microsoft 365

The problem with the cloud is that it requires access to the internet. The cloud is available 24/7 when using a mobile device because data can be used, but if trying to access the cloud from a laptop or tablet, internet connectivity is required to make real-time updates to files. Microsoft's solution to this problem is local sync where all changes are automatically updated and synced as soon as internet connection is achieved.

Microsoft 365 includes integrated cloud storage for easier file storing and sharing

Storing files in the cloud alleviates your need to organize and store files locally. The cloud is a safer, more secure option that is easy to access from anywhere. Issue with your hard drive? Without your laptop but need access to a file? The cloud provides you access to all your documents anytime, anywhere.

Microsoft 365 allows for real-time collaboration on projects and documents

Gone are the days of saving files under different version names and emailing them back and forth between edits. With Microsoft 365, everyone with access to a file can view, edit, and see changes in real time.

Microsoft 365 is compliant with industry standards

  • Microsoft 365 is compliant with ISO 27001 information security management standards.
  • Microsoft 365 has completed SAS70 Type I and Type II audits.
  • Microsoft 365 provides tools to help businesses achieve compliance with HIPAA and FERPA privacy regulations.

Let Vector Choice solve and manage all your M365 needs so YOU don’t have to. 

Vector Choice saves you time and money

  • Vector Choice will manage end user creation, removal, locks, and data retention within Exchange
  • Vector Choice will create, remove, and lock end users
  • Vector Choice will manage all end user password changes to ensure total security to your accounts
  • Vector Choice will manage the Microsoft 365 spam filter
  • Vector Choice will manage your M365 licensing changes and renewals
  • Vector Choice will deploy and manage Azure Active Directory setup and sync
  • Vector Choice will act as your Microsoft device manager for device policy creation, device enrollment and control, and device encryption enforcement
  • Vector Choice will ensure compliance and security implementation and changes, in addition to any conditional access policies
  • Vector Choice will add multi-factor authentication which will implement and create conditional policies to force it for all users

Does making the switch to Microsoft 365 sound like something your firm could benefit from?