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Welcome to Vector Choice

Welcome! We are excited to announce that Vector Choice Technologies has acquired High Standards Technology. We're thankful you are here and glad you're part of our growing community of clients!

By bringing all of you in to the Vector Choice family, it is our shared vision that we will provide our clients with the best possible IT services and solutions, with increased operational efficiencies. While we know that change can be unsettling, we want to assure you that this expansion will be positive for everyone involved.

We will continue to offer the same products and services that you have come to expect, with some notable improvements. To benefit you, our valued clients, we have added a dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC), as well as a Chief Compliance Officer, our industry-leading expert on compliance, plus you will have access to a larger number of IT experts.

You will see other changes along the way, like our branding, logos, email addresses, and website. We are excited about this growth opportunity and the benefits it brings to all of us. We believe that together, we will be even better at serving you, our clients, providing you with the products, services and support you need to meet your business goals today and well into the future.

How to Contact Us


Option 1: Submit a ticket via our client portal

Option 2: Submit a ticket by sending us an email at

Option 3: Submit a ticket by calling us at 281-990-9422

Need further assistance? Send us an email at or call 877-468-1230


Submit billing, contract or general questions to: or call 877-823-3963

Account Management

If you feel you need further assistance, please contact:

Stana Steen
Account Executive
Direct: 281-990-9422

Caroline England
Strategic Account Manager
Direct: 678-543-9053

Rebecca Cawthorne
Account Manager
Direct: 252-513-4300

Ashton Davis
Account Manager
Direct: 615.904.4989

Tim Poyner
Account Executive
Direct: 260-572-8050