Compliance Webinar Series

Proactive Steps You Can Take to Reduce Your Cyber Insurance Premiums

Thursday, August 18th at 12:00PM EST

This webinar will cover:

  • Changes in the cyber security industry
  • How to help you predict and control your cyber insurance spending
  • Free resources to help you understand and complete your renewal or underwriting paperwork
  • How CyberSource changes impact your business

Webinar Exclusive Offer: Receive a Security Risk Assessment with our Chief Compliance Officer, Jon DePerro. Jon will review your current environment to determine if it matches the form you filled out for your cyber insurance.

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Meet Our Presenter

Will Nobles
Founder and CEO of Vector Choice Technology Solutions

He started the company in 2008. He has over 22 years working experience in the Technology field. Will has spent the last few years focusing on how to keep you and your network safe in this ever-evolving world of technology. He uses this found knowledge to address cyber security issues and show businesses how to protect themselves.

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About This Webinar Series

Over the last several years, cybersecurity and compliance have stretched into many areas that small and mid-sized businesses have not been able to access. Throughout the course of this webinar series, we will be joined by top security and compliance experts to tell you not just what has changed, but how to keep up-to-date and stay secure and compliant within your industry.

Each month we will have different topics, beginning with a general overview of the difference between being secure and being compliant, and stretching into more niche areas later on such as fulling understanding and comprehending the terms of your insurance underwriting agreement. Join us each month so you can make the most informed risk decisions for your company, and your clients.

Don't miss our latest webinar in this series!

NEW And Critical Changes To IT Security, Insurance Coverage And HIPAA Compliance That Will Put Your Practice At Serious Financial Risk If Not Addressed This Year

This webinar covers:

  • How HIPAA compliance (or the lack of) insurance, civil lawsuits, and credit card fraud liability support or add risk for each other
  • Why fines from HHS are no longer your biggest concern when it comes to HIPAA shortfalls
  • The difference between being secure and being compliant and how they affect your practices' evaluation
  • The easiest low-cost things you can address now to significantly reduce your risk of cyber related lawsuits, bank, or credit card fines