The Definitive Guide To Understanding And Implementing CMMC

Everything You Need To Know To Win DoD Contracts and Squash Your Company’s Vulnerabilities From Hackers, Data Theft and Ransomware

* The authors of this book have DONATED all royalties to St. Jude Children's Hospital

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Here’s Why You’ll Want To Get Your Hands On This Book:

Cyberhackers are costing the Department of Defense, its contractors and subcontractors BILLIONS of dollars each year, and in the process making our country much less secure.

Now, if your business handles any Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), you must also be CMMC compliant.

Crime organizations are paying hackers up to $90K a MONTH plus benefits to get them to hack into your business…

If that isn't enough to get you to care about your business being CMMC compliant, the Department of Defense will very soon begin including CMMC requirements for any businesses they contract work out to.

You cannot and DO NOT want to miss the opportunity to make sure your business is CMMC compliant now so you can get ahead of the pack and enable your business for more and greater opportunities and stand out from your competitors.

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* The authors of this book have DONATED all royalties to St. Jude Children's Hospital


Here’s Some Of What You’ll Learn In This Book:

  • The #1 risk that is affecting millions of small businesses today, that if left ignored, could result in lost business opportunities, fines, and even jail time.
  • 9 CMMC key practices every small and medium-sized business (SMB) must have in place if they want to bid, win, or take any part in an extremely lucrative government contract market.
  • THE CAUSE OF OVER 90% OF ALL BREACHES and the critical six-step process that helps you successfully weave CMMC compliance into your culture to help protect your company from it.

…And so much more!


* The authors of this book have DONATED all royalties to St. Jude Children's Hospital

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