What to Look for When Choosing a Video Surveillance System

June 16, 2021

Key Features to Consider When Choosing (Video Surveillance) Solutions

As you start exploring your video surveillance options, you will want to pay attention to a number of critical features that will affect your ability to use those cameras in whatever setting you are planning for them. Here are the top security camera features to be aware of as you figure out the combination of features and services you need:

  • Wired or wireless. There are a number of differences between wireless and (wired security cameras) that every business should consider when shopping for video surveillance solutions. Wired cameras are connected via wire to a recording device, and if the (security camera is without WiFi), it can't be hacked by cyber criminals, which may provide greater peace-of-mind. Wired cameras can be set up to record to a local device securely and reliably, although they also require professional installation to be connected to both recording devices and a power source.

    Wireless cameras are typically easier to install, can record to cloud-based storage, and may offer more advanced features than wired camera solutions, but they're also dependent on a battery and are more susceptible to being hacked through your business WiFi.
  • (Motion-activated camera) sensors. Motion-activated cameras can help you save on video storage, which might matter if you're recording video to the cloud. These motion-activated devices can also trigger an alert that will notify you and/or local law enforcement of movement when armed. Keep in mind, though, that motion-activated cameras should only be used indoors, since small animals or pedestrians outside can set off false alarms for these devices.
  • Night vision. Concerned about business security at night? A (high-resolution night-vision security camera) can offer enhanced vision and surveillance at all hours of the day.
  • Video storage. Are you willing to pay for cloud-based video storage? Do you want the flexibility to view video footage remotely, or are you content to record video footage to a local device on your property? Keep in mind that if you only record security footage to a local device, a criminal entering your property could destroy that footage, and any evidence that they trespassed.
  • Audio. Some video surveillance systems only record video, not audio. If audio is important to you, make sure you invest in hardware equipped with a microphone.
  • Price point. The price of security cameras can range from under $100 to over $1,000, depending on the features you want your camera to offer. Ultimately, your choice of security camera needs to fit with your budget for setting up video surveillance for your business.

How to Find (Security Camera Companies Near Me)

Once you've identified your security camera needs and are ready to get those cameras installed, you will want to connect with a local security camera company that can install the camera hardware and connect it to any existing security infrastructure you either already own, or are having installed at the same time.

You can start your search for a security camera company by asking other businesses, including your local neighbors, if they have a camera service provider they recommend. If you know of a business with similar security needs, this can be a great place to start, since the security camera company used by that business will be more likely to be able to serve your specific needs.

You can also use a local Google search to identify businesses with strong reviews and a local presence. Make sure you look for companies that not only sell you the camera hardware, but will also offer to install the equipment and set you up so that you can view video recordings and/or monitor live video feeds at your discretion.

In some cases, your preferred security camera company may also be able to consult on the best camera options for your business, affirming your choice in camera hardware, or possibly guiding you toward a different solution that offers a better fit. If you're struggling to sort through your security camera options, connect with a security solutions provider to get expert assistance in making the right decision.