Vector Choice Creates SecOps Department



ATLANTA, GA, July 18, 2022 - Vector Choice Technology Solutions has expanded to create a brand-new Security Operations team that will include an expansion of services and improve current offerings. This new department will combine both cybersecurity and compliance to offer a more in-depth, holistic solution with a focus on aligning security and compliance with business continuity.

Vector Choice is bringing their decades of experience in cybersecurity and compliance services to the SMB market by offering Compliance-as-a-Service. Vector Choice will not only deploy and manage the IT infrastructure but develop and manage compliance programs to keep clients audit ready year-round. By merging security and compliance, Vector Choice will be able to offer solution-based services to cover gaps and maintain a proactive response, rather than simply offering a report to indicate current and potential security and compliance issues. From firewall logs to policy creation, to employee training, to vendor management, Vector Choice will solve your HIPAA, NIST, or SOC issues.

Cybersecurity and compliance have grown into many more areas that SMB customers have typically not been able to access. Vector Choice aims to help clients demonstrate to their cyber security insurance providers they have the tools in place, and properly functioning, to make sure claims gets paid. Vector Choice will help senior leadership make informed risk decisions around backup and recovery, mobile device management, MFA, and insider threat with monthly reports to keep them informed of their risk exposure.

"If data is a critical business function, then you have to know where it is, what people are doing with it, and how long it would take to recover," said Jon DePerro, Vector Choice's Chief Compliance Officer. "Vector Choice is investing heavily in our client's ability to make informed, deliberate risk decisions and giving them the ability to demonstrate their cyber readiness to auditors, insurance companies, clients, or investors."

Vector Choice founder and CEO Will Nobles has always sought to provide the best for his clients and finding the best leaders to lead this company-wide initiative to offer SecOps services was of top priority. Nobles found those leaders in Jon DePerro, the new Chief Compliance Officer, and Beau Dickie, Vector Choice's new Chief Security Officer.

Jon DePerro has over two decades in security and risk management. Most of this time was with the US Army where he served as a Counterintelligence Special Agent. DePerro's various global assignments involved advanced security and threat management roles at the Army's Intelligence and Security Command and the NSA in support of the national intelligence and US Special Operations communities. He was also selected to serve as a founding member of NATOs first ever military cyber-defense working group. Jon has spent the past three years working with MSPs to help them understand security, compliance, and risk management. His guiding work principle in security and compliance will enable business operations by allowing senior leaders to make informed risk decisions while protecting critical business functions.

Beau Dickie leverages his 20 years in security, operations, law enforcement, and incident response to protect organizations while enabling their critical business functions. Dickie's extensive knowledge of physical security, cybercrime investigations, and vulnerability assessments lead to him being asked to serve as a subject matter expert in both courts of law and board rooms across the Southeast. Vector Choice is leveraging Dickie's demonstrated success in understanding cyber security risks to offer our clients enterprise level security solutions scaled for SMB budgets and staff. Dickie has spent the last 7 years developing and managing security strategies for MSPs, aligning these strategies with business continuity and compliance frameworks.

DePerro and Dickie will work in conjunction and partnership with one another to bring security and compliance solutions to Vector Choice's clients.

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