Vector Choice Acquires Jobecca Technology Group

January 14, 2022

General Interest , Recent News

Vector Choice is happy to announce that we have acquired Jobecca Technology Group, an IT managed services provider in Philadelphia, PA. The move to acquire Jobecca first began as casual conversation at the end of Summer 2021. Discussion grew more serious in late October when Jobecca CEO Michael Einbinder-Schatz decided pivoting to Vector Choice would best serve their clients' needs during a period of rapid change. Einbinder-Schatz wanted to partner with a robust organization that was aligned with his business values and possessed more operational maturity than they had at Jobecca. Having worked closely with Vector Choice CEO Will Nobles for several years (they're members of the same TMT Producer's Club accountability group), Einbinder-Schatz knew Vector Choice would be a perfect fit. In all, the process took only about six weeks and officially came to a close on December 31, 2021.

What will this transition mean for current Jobecca clients?

The impact on Jobecca's clients will be minimal. Jobecca's Einbinder-Schatz has made it clear to both his team and to clients that partnering with Vector Choice will mean an improvement in their services. "The Vector team is more operationally mature and possesses more breadth and depth of experience than we had at Jobecca," said Einbinder-Schatz. "This makes sense as we were much smaller. That said, from a vision standpoint, there is little that Vector Choice is doing or planning on doing to improve client experience that was not already on Jobecca's radar. I just know in my core that we can execute on these goals much more efficiently together." The Vector Choice team will share their experience with the Jobecca team and will use their talent and expertise to turbocharge the value they provide to Vector Choice's new Philadelphia area clients.

What will this transition mean for current Vector Choice Clients?

Company growth is only ever a good thing. We believe acquiring Jobecca and keeping their technicians will further Vector Choice and enable us to provide our clients with even better service. Our core values to do what is right, own our actions, look to the future, respect one another, and deliver on our promises have not changed and adding to our team will help us to uphold our values and promises to our clients even more. We are very excited for what the future holds for us and we look forward to continue serving top-tier clients.