Smartphone Solutions For Deskless Work

Business isn't happening exclusively in the office anymore. People work from almost anywhere - cafés, parks, the gym, or an airport lounge - and they're doing it from their phones. As more employees move toward a "deskless" work life, smartphones are no longer just communication tools but are the epicenter of many business operations.

According to a 2020 report by Emergence, about 80% of the workforce worldwide is deskless, meaning they don't have a traditional office or workplace. Many deskless employees are service technicians, salespersons, or retail, construction, or healthcare workers. However, data shows that 60% of deskless workers aren't happy with the tech that employers provide them, and a whopping 78% said technology is a crucial factor when choosing a job. Embracing a mobile mindset isn't just a business advantage - it's essential to staying productive and competitive.

Support Your Workforce With Mobile Apps

With just a few taps on a smartphone, your team can clock in, communicate, manage tasks, revise documents, and stay connected, regardless of their physical location.

Productivity Apps: Project management tools revolutionize team collaboration, allowing for real-time updates and seamless coordination.

Mobile Payments: Payment apps make transactions smoother, more secure, and more flexible to customer preferences, supporting sales anywhere, anytime.

Operations Management: Operations apps track inventory in real-time. These tools are crucial for maintaining accuracy and efficiency in inventory management, and they can be used directly on a smartphone.

Marketing: Engage with audiences through mobile-first marketing apps that let marketing teams craft and monitor campaigns from their phones, including managing social media activity, scheduling posts, and tracking engagement across platforms.

CRM And Sales Enablement: CRM platforms ensure that customer information and sales tools are always in your team's pocket so they can access detailed contact insights, pipeline management, and sales actions anytime.

Keep This In Mind Before Buying

First, check that an app is compatible with your existing systems. Then, make sure it's customizable to fit your business processes and requirements. You'll also want to consider the app's cost, including any initial setup fees and ongoing subscription charges, to ensure it's within budget. Above all, security is paramount, especially for apps that handle sensitive data, like payment apps. Look for robust security features and compliance with relevant industry regulations.

Enhance Business With Deskless Tech

For business leaders navigating today's versatile work environment, integrating mobile apps into daily operations is not just for the fully deskless workforce. It's a forward-thinking move for any company aiming to streamline workflows and stay competitive. By providing the right tools that work as effectively on the go as they do at a desk, leaders can future-proof their businesses, ensuring their team has the resources they need to succeed in the increasingly mobile-centric world of work.