FAA Outage Grounds Flights Across the Nation

The unexpected happened this morning with over 5,400 flights grounded after a nationwide Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) system failure. The outage occurred with NOTAM, Notice to Air Missions, a uniquely critical system which relays information to airports and pilots such as runway closures, low-altitude construction obstacles, and more.

Operations across the National Airspace System were affected, and the FAA has been working to restore the system, starting with major international airports Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson and Newark Liberty because of mass amounts of congestion in those areas.

Departures for domestic flights remained delayed "to allow the agency to validate the integrity of flight and safety information," the agency said in a statement to the New York Post.

There is not yet any evidence of this failure being due to a cyber-attack, but President Biden has instructed the DOT to conduct a full investigation as to the cause of this nationwide system failure.

An outage of this scale at the FAA affects all airlines coming into and leaving from all airports within the United States and creates mass chaos and a domino effect of problems. Flights delayed across the nation for 9+ hours mean missed connections, meetings, trips, etc. and will undoubtedly result in a huge expense to both correct the initial system failure as well as the aftermath that has affected hundreds of thousands of passengers and flight personnel.

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