Announcing our New Logo!

September 24, 2021

General Interest , Recent News


We've decided to update our logo. Our brand and colors are the same, but now our logo does a better job of exemplifying who we are. Our new logo shows the "V" in Vector choice curving and extending outward, just like a vector. Vectors are described as having direction and magnitude. Vector Choice has continued to move in one direction since the start: forward. Not only that but we have moved forward with great magnitude and grown in strength, size, knowledge, and value.

Our "V" and "C" are now also connected and moving in the same direction. Not only does this make the logo and our name more readable, but the connectedness of the two letters gives a sense of cohesiveness. We at Vector Choice believe we are a tight-knit family; ask any of our team members and they'll tell you our whole system is built on making sure each member feels valued and has the tools and support they need to adequately help our valued clients. Additionally, our clients are also very important to us, and because of the fact that we won't take on anyone that doesn't share our values, we see a lot of connectivity and cohesiveness between them and our team as well. Its a big deal to us which is why it was so important to incorporate that into our logo.

The last change we made was simply preferential based on style. We incorporated an even distribution of brand colors by making "vector" orange and "choice" blue. The VC initials however, are the opposite color of their corresponding word. This is just a design element which we thought looks nice and incorporates more of our brand colors.

Although changing just the logo may seem like a small thing to do, this is a huge moment for us at Vector Choice, to finally feel adequately represented by our logo. We hope you appreciate it as much as we do.